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Purpose of this Bible Wiki

Baptist? Catholic? Mormon? Lutheran? Etc.? If God is not the author of confusion, how can it be that so many people disagree on how to interpret key passages of the Bible? Obviously, it's because our priorities are out of whack. We prize tradition (and possibly pride) over truth. Tradition and stability are good, but if you can't step back and take a look at things with an open mind, you potentially sacrifice truth.

This Bible Wiki is dedicated to getting to the heart of Bible interpretation by means of irenic methodology. That is to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider all of the arguments on an issue and evaluate them fairly. All are welcome to share their interpretation of Bible passages and to argue (that's argue in the good sense) why they think it is truth. Because of different bias, world views, experiences, etc., we won't always agree, but by identifying what passages we don't agree on and why we may get closer to understanding each other.

Why Another Bible Wiki?

There is no shortage of Bible Wikis on the internet—wikidot alone had 4 or 5. I've never felt comfortable with them, however, because I don't believe the focus is on systematically interpreting the text of the Bible, and challenging / reinforcing our ideas on what the Bible says. I've put some effort into creating templates for the "new verse" pages on this wiki and I will strive to conform all of my work to a rigid framework that forces me to think through many different contexts and opposing viewpoints. I do hope my work catches the interests of other like-minded people of any denomination, and if so, I invite you to join and become an author on this wiki. Also, please read our ContributionGuidelines to see how to write your own articles in this wiki.

The Bible

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