2 Corinthians



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  • 1:1 Introduction
  • 1:8 Hardships in Asia that Paul would rely on God
  • 1:12 Explaination why Paul didn't come to Corinth
  • 2:1 Paul's previous letter
  • 2:12 Triumphant procession of the gospel
  • 3:1 Paul's ministry sealed by Corinthian church
  • 3:6 Ministry of Spirit, not of law
  • 5:1 Our resurrected bodies
  • 5:4 Conclusion of vindication of ministry argument
  • 6:1 The openness of Paul's ministry
  • 6:11 "Separation"
  • 7:2 The adversity of Paul and Corinthians for good.
  • 8:1 Generosity and special offerings for other churches
  • 9:1 Paul had boasted about the Corinthians' desire to give, but he sent people to be sure it was ready so he wouldn't be ashamed in his boasting
  • 9:9 Encouragement to spread your wealth
  • 9:10 Giving to missions makes you a party to the work
  • 10:1 Paul defends his ministry
  • 11:1 More on false teachers
  • 11:16 Paul shows the foolishness of boasting by example and sarcasm
  • 11:30 Seriously, now, Paul boasts for real-how God preserved him
  • 12:1 Paul's "thorn in the flesh"
  • 12:11 Paul's coming visit

Proof-texts to pay attention to

  • 6:14 "unequally yoked together with unbelievers". In context this is talking about false teachers in the church. Can it be applied to marriage? Specifically this is talking about separating from false teachers already in the midst of the Corinthian church; if the application to marriage is taken too far, it could be used to encourage Christians to divorce unbelieving spouses, which is against the teachings of the previous Corinthian epistle.

Difficult Passages

Points of Interest

  • 4:2 Be careful to be truthful in your theology
  • 9:7 You see this concept of giving as one purposes in his heart used in conjunction with the regular church offering. Is this applicable? What Paul is talking about here was a special collection for the church in Jerusalem, the funds of which would be combined with funds from other churches such as that from Macedonia. Is there a model for church offerings anywhere in the NT? Did the small-group style churches of that time even need funds to operate other than to support missionary work?
  • 10:12 Comparing yourselves against yourselves is not wise
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