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  • Introduction
    • 1:2 Audience - Christians @ Colosse
    • 1:3 Fruit produced around the world by faith in the gospel
    • 1:9 Prayer for the Colossians to be filled with knowledge of God
  • The preeminence of Christ
    • 1:15 Christ is before all things
    • 1:19 Christ's work of redemption
    • 1:24 Suffering for and proclaiming the "mystery" of Christ's work
  • The Superiority of Faith in Christ
    • 2:1 Paul's burden for people he has not personally taught
    • 2:8 Faith in Christ over principles of this world
    • 2:18 Warning against mysticism
    • 2:20 Asceticism? More legalism?
  • Living With Christ
    • 3:1 Setting your heart on things above
    • 3:5 Put away thing of your sinful nature
    • 3:12 How to live as God's chosen people
    • 3:18 How to relate to others
  • Conclusion
    • 4:2 Final Instructions, salutations, etc.

Difficult Passages

  • 1:23 "If" you continue in your faith?
  • 1:23 has been proclaimed to every creature?

Points of Interest

  • 1:6 The gospel did not grow in the church until the members "understood God's grace in all its truth."
  • Paul's prayer shows exactly how the Christian matures: (1:7) Hear the good news, (1:9) Produce good fruit, (1:10) Know God better.
  • 2:6 Theme Verse

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him.

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