Comparing Kjvoc To Obsa

Introductions/Chapter 1

I like how Dr. White seems to have taken great pains to truly understand and accurately represent the KJVO position. My first impression is that this book is going to address the extreme form (e.g. Ruckmanism) throughout, but will also have major sections dealing with actual textual concerns, such as the supposed superiority of the Majority Text. This is fine—Ruckmanism should probably be addressed since it is the most vocal form of KJVO-ism. I notice that in the preface of OBSA, there is a lot of… I don't know what you would call it. Bluster, maybe? For example, Bible verses are used to "support" the KJVO position, but they could just as easily be applied the other direction. For example, Galatians 5:9, "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." This is used here to mean that if even one word is watered down in a modern version, then the whole thing is corrupt. This could just as easily be used to prove that if there is one translational problem in the KJV, it should be thrown out completely. Shouldn't we throw out the Majority Text because it doesn't always agree with the TR that the KJV is based on?

Questions I would like to ask the authors:

Dr. Stauffer

  • Why do you refer to Dr. White as Mr. White? Is it a subtle show of disrespect? He seems to refer to people who disagree with him as Dr. regardless of their opinions. Compare this to p. 228—Dr. Bill Grady is worthy of this honor because he agrees with your positions?
  • On p. 3, you say, "The revisers' objective is easy to recognize." You don't make any mention of the fact that there is a significant textual basis (whether it is right or wrong) for believing these pronouns refer to "the poor" mentioned two verses before. Instead, you attribute the change to an alleged conspiracy in which the translators deceitfully and maliciously alter what the word of God says to suit their financial goals. Why not give the translators the benefit of the doubt?
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