Contribution Guidelines

Our purpose is to get to the bottom of the interpretation of every verse in the Bible. We do this through careful study of a verse's context and discussion/debate. Here are some guidelines for editing the pages on this wiki.

  • You are free to make any grammatical fixes on any page, or to a certain extent rewording awkward sounding English.
  • If you are coming at a verse from a different viewpoint than the author's, feel free to add a "context according to x" where x could be catholicism, mormonism, etc.
  • However, any substantive changes on the interpretation of verses should be made by the author only. If you have a disagreement with the content of an article, put it in the discussion forum for that page, and you and the author will have to work out how to come to an agreement on what should appear in that article. The author is then responsible for updating the article with any revised content relating to the disagreement.
  • When writing "Verse" pages, please follow the conventions of the New Verse template as closely as possible.
  • To keep things consistent, please use quotations from the almost universally accepted KJV.
  • Avoid Christian Jargon if at all possible. That means don't capitalize pronouns referring to God or Jesus (don't worry, this isn't blasphemous) which breaks up the flow of your writing. See other guidelines here: If you do need to use an "insider" term, always define it within the text.
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