Ii Thessalonians



The Christians of Thessalonica were all in a tizzy because they had apparently received a letter indicating that they were in the end times, and the return of Jesus was immanent. This caused some of them to quit their jobs and begin sponging off of their fellow brethren. Paul writes this letter to say that the time has not yet come, and that those people who have become idle busybodies should be admonished to go back to work.

About the Author



The Christians in Thessalonica.

Cultural Climate

The Christians of Thessalonica were still undergoing intense persecution.



  • Introduction
    • 1:1 Greetings
    • 1:5 Their suffering will be answered
  • The day of the Lord
    • 2:1 Don't become unsettled
    • 2:3 Rebellion will occur first
    • 2:3b The man of lawlessness
    • 2:8 Destruction of the lawless one
  • 2:13 Exhortation
  • Wrap Up
    • 3:1 Prayer requested
    • 3:6 Idleness condemned
    • 3:16 Conclusion

Points of Interest

  • "Everlasting" destruction - isn't this an oxymoron?
  • God chose you to be saved
  • Paul had a special signature to authenticate his letters.
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