The World According To God

Actually, everyond is a theologian. Everyone has thoughts about God-even the atheist says in his heart, "There is no God," which is a statement about God and therefore theology.1

But in God's mystery, we aren't puppets. When I teach to sovereignty of God I'm always asked, "Does this mean we're puppets?" No. We don't have to choose either a sovereign God or a responsible people. Both are truth. Puppets don't have wills or make choices. THey have no desires, thoughts, loves, or hates. People do. But the mystery of God's power is that while we mortals make our plans, God establishes his own plans. And God is powerful enough to see his plan accomplished by our plans-even when we are unwilling to cooperate. God works invisibly behind the scenes so that his plan always includes and often overrules ours. God's good plan always trumps our evil plans.2

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